Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Satyameva Jayate 2: Episode 2: Police - My Views

The new season of Satyameva Jayate has started and indeed for its fans, there is excitement as to what the new season brings up.

The first episode of the season had taken up on the issues of rape against women and then with this episode came an issue that is related to the state of Police in India. We all are accustomed to blame the police for all the wrong doings that is happening, though that is partly true, I think we neglect the little appreciation atleast that they deserve.

The episode clearly depicted how 92% of the force is of constables who are not rewarded for the real hardwork that the do. The perception that whatever bribe those guys take benefits only them was also challenged. How is it hard for the police to balance their work and family life? Though one can argue that they are paid for it, but the question is , is that enough. How the work pressure increases when they are required to do the work they are not supposed to , then be it for politicians or supervisors.

The divide in the ranks of police force which is huge and how one sees the other subordinate. The attitude the seniors have towards junior. The inhuman working hours. All these things need improvement for better security in India.

I admire Aamir Khan for showing the difficult situation in which the police force works and it definitely needs an improvement.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Helping a Beggar!!

Humanity says YES! Yes, you should help a person in need of something. You should provide a financial help to a beggar. BUT WAIT!! IS THIS CORRECT!!Once I was travelling through an auto-rickshaw to my home. My auto stopped at a signal. I was this very small little girl coming to me and asking for some financial help. Out of generosity I decided to help her and gave her a note of Rs.10 (20 cents). Within a second two more children came begging for money, though not left with enough cash in my pocket I helped both of them. To my surprise, I then saw 4-5 childrens running towards my auto with an expectation of getting some money. But, I was already out of cash and was not able to do so. I then saw this new 4-5 childrens fighting with the previous ones for money.
I then had a thought as to whether it was correct on my part to give money to the previous childrens. Wasn't it the moral responsibility of the parents of this children take their responsiblity? Wasn't I doing wrong my helping them with money, as it would lead them to realise that they don't need to work to get money. Begging is sufficient.